When was the last time you packed up the fam and hit a theme park?  Not an easy task in Montana, as we don't have any in the state.  Disneyland is quite the drive, or a pricey plane ticket, and it can be pretty hard on the pocketbook.  I took my daughter there in '08 and it cost a couple of thousand dollars.  I'm still not sure that it was worth the price other than saying she's been there.

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However, there are 2 world-class theme parks that are just a days drive away or less.  And the prices aren't quite Disneyland prices.

We'll start with the theme park I grew up knowing.  My grandparents lived in Clearfield, Utah, so, of course I'm talking about Lagoon.


Lagoon is in Farmington Utah. Not too far from Clearfield and about 20 minutes outside of Salt Lake.  If you only stop 3 or 4 times, you can make the drive in about 8 hours.

Google maps
Google maps

It boasts one of the oldest operating wooden roller coasters in the world.  (I've been on that thing with my Uncle Kurt.  You won't forget the ride) There are a total of 10 roller coasters in the park.

Lagoon is expansive and divided up into areas:  The Midway, where most of the rides, games and carnival food are.  Kiddie Land, featuring rides for the littles.  X-Venture Zone, features more extreme rides at an additional cost.  Lagoon-A-Beach, the waterpark and Pioneer Village highlighting exhibits of pioneer buildings and artifacts.

You can camp in a tent or RV right on the property for an extra fee.

The cost for one day is $93 for those 4 feet tall and up.

Silverwood Theme Park

The closest and most affordable of the two parks on the list.

Silverwood is just outside of Coeur d' Alene in Athol, Idaho and takes about 6 hours to drive.  Less if you don't stop a lot.

Google maps
Google maps

Silverwood is the largest theme park in the Northwest.  It has over 70 rides, slides, shows and attractions.  There's also a waterpark, Boulderbeach.

They offer tent and RV camping on site for an extra fee.

A day pass to Silverwood runs about $80 for ages 8-64.

If you're looking for something cool and memorable for the entire family this summer, either one of these two theme parks would knock it out of the park.

Take a tour of Silverwood

Silverwood Theme Park

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