Watermelon, one of the summeriest fruits of the summer.  Most of us can't wait for the perfect bite of this sweet summer goodness.


Lately on line, I've seen quite a few people talking about zombie fermented watermelons, and I had to look further.

When you say fermented, I say half of the work of my Watermelon Wine/Moonshine is done.  Wrong.

What Exactly is a Zombie Fermented Melon?

It's a watermelon that is rotting from the inside out.  Foam will start seeping from the melon.

Youtube//Mudd Creek
Youtube//Mudd Creek

Is it Dangerous to Consume A Zombie Watermelon

Actually, yes.  These melons are loaded with danger.

From Food and Wine:

 if your picture-perfect melon starts to feel squishy instead of firm, has a suspicious odor, or starts, uh, literally foaming, it needs to be discarded. According to some experts, it could also be dangerous.

According to the Bangor Daily News, bacteria can be introduced into a watermelon while growing on the vine. The bacteria combine with the sugars and yeast inside the melon and start the fermentation process. The foam — which seeps out of the melon through cracks in the rind — is a sign that fermentation is happening.

Numerous articles on line speak of botulism, E.coli, and salmonella happening to people who eat these melons.  This fermentation process in the zombie melon is the perfect breeding ground for poison. Food and Wine recommends you don't even bring them into your home.

But Wait, There's More

 Because the fermentation process produces gas, all of that internal pressure can cause the watermelon to explode — and even cutting into a watermelon that has started fermenting could be unsafe.

What Causes a Zombie Watermelon?

Heat, pure and simple.  This is the hottest summer the world has ever seen, so it could explain all the zombie watermelons showing up everywhere.

Quickest 5 Steps to Cut & Cube a Watermelon

I've Found the Easiest Way to Cut a Watermelon

Watermelons are delicious, but cutting them can be a chore. I've found the easiest way to cut a watermelon, and I promise you can do it too!

Check out this Zombie Watermelon:


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