Every concert at this year's Montana State Fair, we told you to take a selfie and post it to our Facebook pages for a chance at a HUGE prize:

Two Tickets To Every Single Concert At 2024 Montana State Fair

You did NOT disappoint!  You can check out our gallery of the 30 finalists at the end of the article, and can see all of the entries on our various Facebook pages.

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The Winner of the 2023 State Fair Concert Selfie Contest Is:

Kristen Loney

Just LOOK at this winning entry!

Chris Janson//Canva
Chris Janson//Canva

I'm just going to say what everyone is thinking:  How did you get Chris Janson to do that?  Not only is that a contest winner, that's the selfie of a lifetime!

Congratulations, Kristen!  A big thank you to everyone who played.  Who knows?  This was so much fun we may do it again next year!

Great Falls State Fair Selfie Finalists

Great Falls, Montana State Fair Selfie Finalists


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