Having children, at least in America is I suppose a kind of a right of passage. Our culture expects people to graduate high school, get a job, and start a family. This has been a thing since the end of World War 2 with the baby boom.

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For most people that is the case and they create goals formulated for such things. But, more and more we are seeing the average person shy away from the nuclear family to live their own peaceful life without the need of children hanging around.

I was online reading on Reddit, someone was asking legitimate reasons that people chose not to have kids. Although I'm in the camp of having kids of my own at some point, I understood the reasoning behind the 'no kid' rule.


Financial stability was a huge factor of more than a few people. They tend to stay away from procreating on the basis that they barely can keep their own bills paid with just them around. In my bachelor days, I had the same idea, how could I take care of a little baby when I can barely make ends me with me and my cat around.



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Whatever scenario people had in life prior to the thought of having kids can vary. According to some comments people feel like they haven't completely lived their life to the fullest yet. this is a wide world and some are not content with never leaving their small home town and have to see everything before making decisions like a family. Others say that they just like to have fun. Travel, buy cool watercraft, sports equipment, and go to concerts free of a big responsibility of a kid. Who knows, they might still be a kid at heart.


More and more it seems apparent people have dreams and careers to think about, and it's OK not to have worry about a family. Maybe someday that will change, in the meantime, if you're not into parenting, just do you.


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