Life is full of close calls, some you are aware of and more hauntingly, some you are not aware to have happen.

With close to 8 billion people on this planet there are no shortage experiences on can hear or read about and say to yourself. "Wow, could that ever happen to me?"

Well, things indeed happen to people and they can and they can be completely terrifying.

Peoples accounts on the internet, especially on Reddit, are remarkably scary and it would seem fictional and totally made up but depending on where you are and the population it holds there is a crazy amount of things that happen.

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Violence and Kidnapping

People witnessing weird and violent acts feel like they are lucky to be alive. On person says that multiple masked men broke into their house and threatened he and his partner with extreme violence, only to realize that they had the wrong house and apologized. The police told them that it was an anomaly and out of character for certain types of criminals they appeared to be.

Health Problems

Sometimes health scares happen to people and they are not aware of whats going on or whether they are having an episode. Headlines from across the internet tell of a young man having a widowmaker of a heart attack all he felt was dizzy and decided to sleep it off. Later at the doctor, they were amazed that he was still alive.

Police Interaction

A person on reddit recounted an incident where he was filming a music video in the wood when all the sudden they were lit up and told to freeze and lay on the grown. They were not sure whether they were dealing with actual police officers which is understandable. What they didn't know, was that as they were running around with cameras and equipment, someone saw them and called the cops saying that the filmmakers were in possession of a rifle. The cops saw nothing was wrong and rudely drove off. I'm sure that person was on edge for awhile.

Scary close calls happen all the time, are there instances that you were in that were very scary?

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