Could it be another sighting of the mysterious Sasquatch in Montana?

People driving have witnessed the blurry animal/human on a stretch of highway on I-90 around mile marker 145 in Missoula county.

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According to a post on reddit, a person was driving and saw what it appeared to be a Samsquanch somewhere on the side of the road near mile marker 145 on I-90. It turns out many people have seen the creature a time or two and couldn't believe what they were seeing. As always, we do not have solid photographic evidence of it at the location.

Which one of y’all put a life size Bigfoot on the riverbank at I-90 mile marker 145?
by u/Aromatic-System2791 in Montana

Well, we are here to tell you that appears to be something people have set up just to get a goof out of people while driving on the open road.

People have commented saying that they have seen this "life-size" furry creature for years, which stumps me. I've driven that road more times than I can count on my fingers and toes and have never, ever seen the road side gag. I even sat on google maps for a hour looking for the dude and couldn't see anything.

It's kind of a common thing to see these types of things in our state. Ones I see most of the time are mannequins inside of decommissioned police and highway patrol cars at the edge of small towns to keep people's speed in check and they surprisingly work!

One can see those in Polson, Superior, Rock Creek and maybe more places.

Have YOU seen Bigfoot in Montana? Let us know in comments on social media.

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