Obviously jobs will never be created equal in a place like America. If they were, I'm not sure what the ambition for innovation would be, incentive has always been fuel for the economic fire.


What it wasn't though?

What if one day every job, big or small would have the same pay? Let's say that starts tomorrow. Some of you would probably have some things to say at whomever constitutes something so weird and in some cases, despicable.

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Doctors, lawyers, skilled labor, and teachers would all have a level pay grade to someone who let's say has an entry level job or a job only requiring a high school diploma like flipping burgers or housekeeping. All these jobs big or small are just as important as the next, but they would all have the same universal pay. Full stop.

I was thumbing through Reddit once again and someone posed this question and wanted to know what someone's dream job would be if all pay was the same, you can read all the comments here.

As I stand, I would ditch the 9 to 5 and become a touring musician with my good buddy Craig, and hit the road. Other people in the office say they would still be a DJ, another said a traveling writer, and my boss said he would be a judge or a lawyer.  Since money doesn't matter anymore, why not just have fun doing what you want to do without worrying about a fly-by-night wage.

People online had some pretty interesting jobs they would do, some practical, some humorous and some jobs people only dream of doing.

Mattress Tester


Seaboat Captain




Video Game Tester


Pizza Chef


A Greeter At A Retail Store


Exotic Dancer


Last but not least....


More like...


What job would you pick? Let us know on social media in the comments.

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