Big News Out Of The Rosendale Camp In Montana

Conservative Representative Matt Rosendale, announced today, on X, that he will not be running for re-election in Montana's second district.

Rosendale Cited "Threats" As To Why He Dropped Out

According to Axios, Rosendale said this:

"death threats and "false and defamatory rumors against me and my family" led to his decision"

After A Month Of Scandals, Rosendale Is Out In Montana House Reelection Bid

The time-line of recent events is really quite something.  I'll try to break it down for you. From Roll Call:

  • February 9, Rosendale announced he'd be taking on Incumbent Senator John Tester.
  • In February, Trump endorsed Republican Tim Sheehy instead of Rosendale
  • February 15, Rosendale dropped out of the senate race
  • February 28, Rosendale announced on X that he would run for reelection
  • March 8, Rosendale announces on X that he will not seek reelection

The Rumor Against Rosendale

Politico reports that Rosendale has threatened legal action against former North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp because, on a podcast, she said Rosendale got a staffer pregnant. You can check out that podcast here.

Rosendale Has Aligned Himself With Extremists In The House

During his tenure in the House, Matt Rosendale has aligned himself with some of the most extreme figures in today's American Government.  He was one of 8 that were instrumental in ousting House Speaker Mark McCarthy. From Spectrum News, they are:

  • Andy Biggs, Arizona
  • Ken Buck, Colorado
  • Tim Burchett, Tennessee
  • Eli Crane, Arizona
  • Matt Gaetz, Florida
  • Bob Good, Virginia
  • Nance Mace, South Carolina

This Is Great News For Rosendale And Montana

Why great for Rosendale? He can go back home to Maryland where he can practice saying "Montana".

Why great for Montana? We don't need more extremists in our government.

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