Vladimir Putin Threatening Malmstrom Air Force Base

Vladimir Putin
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Last weekend, I saw a news clip of Putin giving a speech that seemed to threaten America with nuclear bombs if America keeps helping Ukraine.

I thought to myself, that can't be right.  It's too early in the morning, you think Putin is crazy and you're making this a much crazier speech than it is. Who, in their right mind would start a freaking nuclear war in this day and age?

Turns out I was wrong.

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From The Express:

Putin Alludes To Nuclear Threat In State Of The Union Address

During Putin's State of the Union Address:

Putin told Russians that NATO and specifically the United States, are preparing to "strike Russian Territory".  He went on to warn that if the west sends troops to Ukraine,

"They must realize that we also have weapons that can hit targets on their territory. All this really threatens a conflict with the use of nuclear weapons and the destruction of civilization. Don't they get that?"

Cadets on base Montana

Where Would Russia Strike America?

KPQ listed the military bases in Putin's sights, and it's a bit terrifying, just like he wanted.  The bases they'd strike are:

Not only would Montana take a pretty big hit, our neighbors Washington, Wyoming, North Dakota And Utah would be hit as well.  It would be a complete nuclear wasteland in this part of America.

Military Air National Guard Park

Gallery Credit: Randy Bogden

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