Want to put some pedal into your pub tour?  Gather a group of friends and head out for the Bert and Ernie's Pub Trolley in Helena.

What's a Pub Trolley?

It's a pedal powered street trolley.  The trolley becomes a pub trolley when you're allowed to have adult beverages during the ride.  Bert and Ernie's Pub Trolley lasts about 3 hours.  They offer an afternoon and an evening trolley.

How Many People Do You Need for a Pub Trolley

From Bert and Ernie's Pub Trolley:  It requires a minimum of 6 people and up to 15 ideally.

What Breweries Does the Pub Trolley Visit?

  • Lewis and Clark Brewery
  • Ten Mile Brewery
  • Blackfoot Brewery

How Much Time Is Spent At Each Brewery?

The trolley spends about 35 minutes at each brewery.  Plenty of time for you to try a new favorite brew, maybe grab some food, and then off to pedal your way to the next exciting stop.

Can the Trolley Be Reserved For Special Events?

Yes.  On the Bert and Ernie's Pub Trolley site, they suggest renting the trolley for bachelor and bachelorette parties, team building events, private parties and even family reunions.

It's Not JUST A Pub Trolley

You can opt for a guided tour of the rich Montana history that can be found in Helena.  The history tours are offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and vary in length.

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I think this would be a really fun way to tour breweries and work off some of those carbs from the tour.  It would also be an amazing way to see Helena's history.  If you take the pub or history trolley, show us pictures.  You can email us pictures here.

Here's A Peek At The Bert And Ernie's Pub Trolley

Pedal Pub Trolley, Helena, Montana

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