I spent a couple of years bartending in small town Montana bars.  It's a job that suited me and my smarmy personality quite well, and it was, for the most part, fun.

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After being behind the bar for awhile, I noticed certain things that a certain kind of patron would do on a fairly regular basis, that would make me less enthusiastic about serving them and having them in the bar in general.

At the end of the article, I'll post a gallery of some things to avoid doing to your bartender and other servers.  It's worth taking a look, because, honestly, your level of service depends on how you act in the bar.

That's right, in a bar, we expect you to act like an adult.  After all, there is an age restriction for these adult entertainment venues.  You should try to act the part.

Of course, even the best regular is going to have that one or 2 nights a year where the alcohol hits them differently, their mood is off, whatever, and it's going to be a bad night for them.  If you're that guy,  who's generally decent the rest of the time, your bartender will actually go out of their way to take care of you and make sure you still have the most pleasant experience possible.

Of course, there's always going to be the OTHER guy, the one who say, calls you a bitch so you serve him last all night when people order rounds.  Then that guy calls the bar owner the next day and reports how awful you were to them.  I actually had that happen to me, and I served him last all night AND he called the owner and narked me out, omitting the bitch part.  Guess what, I'd do it again and again and again.  Know why? Your $1 tip on a $30 round isn't worth the time or the aggravation you cause, so I'd just as soon you take that huge tip money and give it to a bartender at another bar.

I don't want YOU to be that OTHER guy, so take a look at my handy gallery full of tips on how to act in and get the best service in a bar.  You can thank me by generously tipping your bartender.

What NOT To Do In A Bar

What NOT To Do In A Bar

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