In Montana, the most popular drinks consist of regular old beer, whisky as well as vodka and Montana loves to drink a lot of it.

However people in this state love to have themselves a bit of tequila every once in awhile and have a few drinks involving tequila.

One would think that whatever is on "the rail" would be good enough for a Montanan during a rip-roarin' time at the bar and some may tell you that. knew that national tequila day was this last Monday July 24th and they did some research for what tequila was favored state by state.

We share our favorite according with 12 other states:

Iowa Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Tying with my favorite tequila Casamigos loved by 12 separate states.

So, what is Montana's favorite Tequila?

According to, Montana's Favorite tequila apparently is Don Julio.

Say What?!

I can see why Don Julio could be a favorite here in Montana, however from input I received from longtime bartender and radio personality Tammie Toren, as well as other seasoned drinkers out there say that Patron is Montana's favorite because it's good and it goes with most things.

With that said, national tequila day can be every day in your heart if you would like, just pull up a stood, order a shot and don't forget to ask for the lime and salt.

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