Meet An Unsung Hero In Great Falls

Breezy the crossing guard great falls montana
Tammie Toren//Canva

Introducing Brisana, Breezy, The Crossing Guard On 9th Street South

I stopped by and talked to her yesterday, and she has a fascinating story, and quite a following here in The Electric City.

Breezy, as she likes being called, was born in Helena and has moved quite a bit in her life. She moved to Great Falls around 5 years ago.

Breezy got into the crossing guard business 3 years ago when she heard that there was a need in our school system. She adores her job.

What Made Breezy Want To  Be A Crossing Guard?

Breezy spent about a year and a half with her grandparents on base in England.  They were teachers on an Air Force base. Breezy was fascinated with the Lollipop people, what England calls their crossing guards.  She said they got the nickname because of the bright signs they carry that look like a lollipop.

Breezy goes on to mention that she battles depression, and the crossing guard job helps her weather the depression.  She says,

Kids are easy to understand and being a cross guard gives me a chance to spread a little love

Another reason the kids love her are her fun outfits sometimes with themes.  Breezy is doing a Cat In The Hat look "Breezy Style" in these pictures to help celebrate Dr. Seuss week.  Earlier this week, she did the Breezy version of the Grinch.

Breezy the crossing guard great falls montana
Tammie Toren//Canva

Some Adults And People Without Kids Are Her Biggest Fans

Breezy told me she has regulars that drive by and wave or drive by and dance, and they don't even have children in school.  They drive by just to get a little Breezy to lighten up their day.

And The Deal Maker For Me?

When Breezy outed herself as a Whovian (someone who watches Doctor Who) when she said to me

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.


So the next time you're on 9th Street South during school hours, be sure to give a smile, wave or little dance to Breezy.  She's one of the many people that make Great Falls such an exceptional place to call home.

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