Happy Opening Day

It's THIS time of year I believe everyone is looking forward to. The hot dogs, fresh grass,  America's favorite pass time, Baseball.

We certainly know you have baseball fever.

Get the snacks ready to go, Turn on your TV and get ready for some great baseball action.

How about after the game and all the coverage is over for the night?

I mean, how many times can one watch the same coverage broadcast until they fall asleep?

Maybe I get bored too quickly.

Anyway, I put together some cool, iconic, funny and memorable movies that involve baseball in a gallery down below.

What constitutes a great baseball movie?

The Players, subject matter, whether or not the plot of the story is true or plausible to normal bounds of reality?

Of course it has to find it's center in the game itself, but does it have to be strictly about baseball?

I say not really, It's there to have fun, and get away from reality for a couple of hour while still showcasing the love of the game.

I would say there is only a handful of baseball movies that are with in the bounds of baseball, you have others like The Naked Gun, Fever Pitch, The Benchwarmers and others that have baseball to fall back on, but are a different kind of movie.

Hopefully these movies I picked out provide laughs, cries, strength and true love for the game of baseball.

Did your favorite baseball movie make the list? Tell us what your favorite is on social media.

Celebrating Opening Day with Awesome Baseball Movies

Some cool baseball movies to enjoy after games and coverage end for the day.



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