The summer heat wave is crazier than ever all over the world and it's hitting Montana as well with multiple days of 100 degrees heat.


I'll say, it isn't as bad as some places around the county but it's still pretty hot around here and one should watch out for hot surfaces in the sun.

Hot surfaces?

Yes, objects outside of your house under the direct summer sunlight can potentially be very hot to the touch and can be harmful to you, your kids and even your pets.

The Ground

Surfaces all around starting with the sidewalk. News reports and research around the country for a number of years report of concrete getting of upwards of 135 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit in direct sunlight.

That is potential 2nd degree burn territory depending on how long the surface is exposed to the sun. Heat retention for streets and sidewalks can last into the evening and night in some instances. It's always a good idea to wear proper footwear in the summer. Same can be said for exposed stone, rock, and sand in the wilderness.

Metal Surfaces

Surfaces like railings, cars, playground equipment, mailboxes, etc are all sitting under that heat and are considerably warmer than pavement or sidewalks. Reports say these surfaces can get upwards of 144 degrees Fahrenheit just shy of the boiling point of water. On a humorous note, people in certain places in the country are cooking bread in their mailboxes.

@abc13houstonMontgomery County grandmother Roberta Wright said she had to use an oven mitt to check her mail and came to the now-viral moment that now has others scratching their heads.♬ original sound - ABC13 Houston


Vehicles can be just as hot as any of the previous surfaces explained earlier, hopping into a hot car can be dicey with leather seats, touching steering wheels. I feel like buckles on safety belts are the most dangerous as they can be the hottest thing inside the car.

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Contact burns can be devastating and deep requiring medical attention. Protect you and the whole family including those toe beans on the pup and keep having fun this summer.

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