Yesterday, I'm at the gas station doing my bi-weekly fill-up.  I'll admit, I have a very unique vehicle, it's a Nissan Juke.  They're kind of funky goofy looking on the outside. A lot of people check out my SUV.

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I'm taking the gas cap off, and I see this guy eying the Juke in the front, and I just ignored him.  Like I said, it happens a lot.  Then, Dude Bro comes to the back of the Juke where I'm standing watching the pump.

Frustrated woman in a red shirt that says "all I hear is bla bla bla"

Mansplaining For The New Year

(The following conversation is loosely quoted)

Dude Bro: So your vehicle is pretty new.

Me:  No, my rig turns 10 this year.

Dude Bro: You must take really good care of it then.  Like, you must keep it in the garage

Me: Yup, my dad always told me if you take care of your car, it will take care of you.

Dude Bro: What kind of transmission is in it?

Me:  I don't know.  (I'm a DJ, not a freaking mechanic.)

Dude Bro:  Those vehicles (pointing at the Juke) are really bad vehicles.  There's always some kind of transmission problem. You're really in for it.

Me: Huh.  This car is 10 years old and it's been really good to me.  Looks like I beat the odds, eh?

Dude Bro: It's not like my car here (pointing at a 2000 Buick LeSabre).  This is the best car you can get.

Me: (Thinking, that's a bold statement) Yeah, Buicks are good rigs.

Dude Bro:  Ever get the oil changed in that? (pointing to the Juke)

Me:  Are you kidding?

And then I walked away from Dude Bro.

an engine with the oil cap off and someone pouring in oil

Why Conversations Like this Should Never Happen

I'm a grown ass woman.  I've been taking care of cars since I was 16 years old.  My father was adamant that I knew about hiring mechanics, and always having a good one.  He'd never teach my how to fix a car, but I know how to check fluids, change a tire and when to contact a mechanic to stop a problem before it becomes bigger.

It is so damn insulting that this guy thought he could come and talk to me like that just because I'm a girl that has the gall to drive a Nissan Juke, something he heard somewhere is awful.  So you and your 23 year old car think you're superior to me and my 10 year old SUV because you're a GUY?

Regardless of whether or not he's right, STFU.  I like my rig and I don't really give a rats patootie what you think of mine. In fact, how about we talk about your 2000 Buick, then we can talk about my 1996 Cadillac, Dude Bro.

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