This morning on the news, I heard that Europe has just passed a law to mandate universal chargers.  This makes me so happy on so many levels.

You probably guessed I have an I-phone

I love my I-phone, and I'm not here to argue which brand of phone or laptop is best.  I love my I-phone, and that's that.  What I detest about Apple is their need to gouge those of us who are in love with our phones every chance they get.  When I bought my newest I-phone, a 13, I was disgusted to find this phone did NOT come with a USB port.  ON TOP OF THAT, none of my cords from I-phones past would work anymore.  So, separately, I had to buy USB port THAT DAY if I planned on charging my phone.  Considering the $1,000 ish price tag, that seems extremely greedy. Not to mention, that was another $30, and it's literally THE ONLY port that will work for my phone.

Europe is essentially telling these overly greedy companies to get bent.  By 2024, all electronic products in Europe will have to be compatible with the all chargers for all devices.  This news made my heart sing.

Of course, the business owners are shouting, "but, what about progress", "but what about new charging technology" "but, we can't gouge consumers now".  Ok, I made the last one up.  I say that progress in new charging technology can still happen, just use the right platform.

How will this affect Americans?

Chances are, this new law will trickle over to America simply due to production costs alone.  Remember, with corporations, it's the bottom line that matters and literally nothing else.  So, it would be inefficient to make one kind of charger for Europe and another for America.

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