Montana is known for it's very interesting and industrious past before the modern digital age. Cities that are now small were once booming with people and industry that brought many here from around the country.

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Many still do flock here, but it's much more now about the scenery than the industry side of things.

I was looking at the Montana page on reddit to find that someone had purchased something very uniquely Montanan.

Bought a small piece of Montana history on a whim
by u/UpToMyKnees1004 in Montana

It seems as though you can buy expired old bonds from Montana businesses from the past.

A website called Ghosts of Wall Street have a number of old bonds that you can choose from that are connected to Montana. They have many many different things from different states and companies, but if you simply search Montana, it will pull up about 78 results.

Ghosts Of Wall Street via
Ghosts Of Wall Street via

They range from electrical companies, gold and silver, Musical instrument companies, sewage bonds, mining, ice, and even food.

Ghosts Of Wall Street via
Ghosts Of Wall Street via

If you dig deep enough you can find popular names like Anaconda Copper Mining Company, Northern Pacific Railway and even bonds from towns like Butte, and Great Falls. Some may be sold out, but it's still fun taking a look at some of these in their archive.

According to the website and actual TIME itself, these certificates are not worth their face value anymore. However, you can buy them and use them as a great conversation piece. They are actual real, non-photocopied bonds from the past that you can enjoy.

Get these Montana relics before they are gone forever!

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