Sometimes I wonder what people expect when they visit a national park?  Do they expect to find trained bears that come out at certain times, or maybe there's someone running the Old Faithful timer.

I visited Trip Advisor to see what folks who'd travelled to Yellowstone National Park's Old Faithful rated it after the visit.  Frankly, some of the complaints are stunning.

Aug 2017 • Family
You have to see this so that your friends don't think you missed something special. It is nothing special in my mind.  This visitor rated it 2 stars
Seriously, what did he he think the geyser would do that's so special?
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Aug 2017 • Couples
Most dis-apoinpointing attraction on our 6 week holiday. All the hype....all the marketing etc etc....all to see a short spurt of water and steam which was nothing like I expected. I have seen better busted water mains in the streets of Adelaide. The surrounding area was very good and many of the thermal areas along the way better. If you miss out on seeing it not to worry.....dont bust your boiler because it may be a beyyer spectacle than the geyser.  This visitor gave it a 2 star rating.  
So, in other words, they saw a geyser.  Like you expected in Yellowstone Park.
Jun 2019 • Family
I was not impressed at all. There are so many people waiting, which I expected. There are so many better geysers in Yellowstone. I'm glad I went just to say that I've seen it. If I ever return to Yellowstone I will not visit Old Faithful again, once was enough for me. The visitor gave a 1 star rating.

Nearly 5 million people a year visit Yellowstone.  Of COURSE there were a lot of people waiting.

My advice, keep in mind that you visited when the weather would be most friendly.  EVERYONE plans trips around friendly weather.  A geyser is just a geyser and a bear is just a bear.  It's seeing them in their natural splendor that makes the trip one for the bucket list.

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