Tucked away in Ennis, Montana, is a modern off-the-grid place that is literally just waiting for a new owner to come in and sweep it off it's feet.

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Pictures of an off-the-grid-home and possibly shop or business shop in Ennis Montana
Zillow//Coldwell Banker//Big Sky Country MLS

I follow Zillow Gone Wild on Facebook, and this gem showed up in my feed the other day and I wanted to share it.  It's not every day someplace like this comes on the market.

Built in 2008, this has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and over 15,000 square feet in Ennis, Montana.  This place is priced at $2,950,000.

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Here's how the realtor from Coldwell Banker, Rich Mayo, describes it:


This property features two magnificent buildings unlike anything you've experienced before. Building #1 is three levels with the bottom being a huge shop area (6048 sq ft) accessed by four industrial sized doors. Perfect for a manufacturing business or for easy access storage. 2nd level (6048 sq ft) is the living space with a master and two bedrooms, large living area and the top floor (3456 sq ft) is bathed in sunlight perfect for inside gardening or whatever you might like. Over engineered and insulated and self sustaining is the theme. 2nd building was designed as an office work space (5500 sq ft on two floors) has never been used. Literally brand new space that could be used for a business office, school, retreat or a host of other purposes. These facilities were designed to be off grid and have a sophisticated solar and wind energy systems in place. Spectacular views of the valley and mountain ranges


If you've ever wanted to live, work, and play in Montana, here's your chance to do it all.  Seriously, check this place out 👇👇👇

Off The Grid Home, Ennis, Montana

Off The Grid Home, Ennis, Montana

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