Hunting in Montana has been important to families for generations. From the rite of passage with hunters safety and the hunt, to the food provided by the bounty serves an anchor to culture in The Treasure State.

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Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks stipulates that at certain times of the year one can venture out for the years harvest. There are also different times of the year one can use certain tools at certain times such as firearms and archery.


Short answer, No. One can not bag a deer out of season

There are exception it seems like shoulder seasons that happen outside of normal hunting areas and only in certain districts, but that is still technically in hunting season for special circumstances.

There is an argument I have heard that people who own land can hunt for game and shoot it out of season, without a license.

However, That's not the case.  One has to obtain a tag or license, be hunting in season, and with the right munitions otherwise face poaching charges. One may own the land, but  Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks regulates game.

The only exceptions are Farmers and Ranchers taking care of nuisance animals upon their property.

The hunting season is on the way in Montana and these are the set times to do so this year set by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.


Archery: Sept. 2 - Oct. 15

Youth, deer onlyOct. 19 - Oct. 20

General: Oct. 21 - Nov. 26

Shoulder seasons: Aug. 15 - Feb. 15, varying dates before and/or after the archery and general seasons

Muzzleloader: Dec. 9 - 17
Backcountry - HD's 150, 280, 316*

Archery: Sept. 3 - Sept. 14

General: Sept. 15 - Nov. 27

*HD 316 does not have an Archery-only Season

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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