New media apps are exciting for a lot of people. It is a chance to connect with new people around the world and experience different insights one isn't used to. The information age has brought us a lot in the last twelve or so years. A new one that dropped from Facebook parent company Meta on July 5 called Threads took social media by storm being in direct competition with Twitter. Since that day regular people and celebrities alike have been utilizing the new app.


It was reported recently by The Daily Mail that there are certain problems with the app and typically they would be on the app itself but according to the report many people are enjoy Threads, but it seems to be draining the battery life from users smartphones. Some people are say that they go to bed with a full battery and wake up with more or less half of it depleted.

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Does one erase this new and exciting app from their phone if its draining so much battery?

Yes or No?

Well, The Daily Mail have instructions on how to prevent battery drain on you device when using the new Threads, or any other social media app for that matter.

If you've noticed your battery draining after you downloaded Threads, make sure you turn off your phone's Background App Refresh setting.

-This setting allows apps to check for updates and new content, even when they're not actively in use - and can quickly deplete your battery life.

-To turn this off on iPhone, simply open the Settings app and go to General. Tap Background App Refresh, then Off.

-On Android, open Settings then tap Connections and then Data Usage.

-From the Mobile section, tap Mobile data usage. Select Threads from below the usage graph, and turn off Allow background data usage.

After that, it will be up to you to keep or erase social media apps for your phone. Let us know how you feel about Threads, has it drained your phone? Let us know on social media.

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