Cut in those Snot Mops because it's finally March!

During the month of March people often cut in a sweet crumb catcher or start growing one for March Madness or a fundraiser to benefit a cause or foundation they support, or maybe they just love mustaches and have an excuse for Mustache March.


Either way, it is a fun month get creative with facial hair and the opportunity for me to hack off that winter beard of mine. It's OK, it will grow back.

Waking up this morning, I thought to my self where did all this hype for Mustache March actually come from? It couldn't possibly come from some dude just wanting to grow a lip rug just for the soul purpose of charity.

I did some digging to find out where it came from.

According to a website I was reading, the origins lie in the military and a recently deceased airman war hero. Sounds pretty cool, right?


It's an annual tradition from a Charleston Air Force base, and from a man named Brigadier General Robin Olds. A triple ace fighter pilot from World War II and Vietnam.

Back in his day, having that kind of facial hair was pretty much against regulation as I understand it, and that this 'bulletproof' mustache he had was a protest against the higher ups after a dangerous mission. It was said after he returned to the states, he was immediately ordered to shave of which he did.

Since that moment, The Air Force informally took on the tradition in honor of the brave fighter pilot by showcasing well regulated upper lipolstery every March.

How do you celebrate Mustache March? Let us know by sharing pictures of your killer Lip Luggage on social media.


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