Perusing Reddit today, I ran across this gem below and I thought I'd answer here, and let you all answer too.

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I can answer that question by getting off of my high horse, and talking to you directly, like you are from here.  I'm not sure you'll like it, but dude, you SO asked for it.

I'm a third generation Montanan 

Most importantly, we're not superior, we've worked for it. My grandpa Toren and his family moved to Montana in the early 1900's at the age of 8, I can tell you there are over 100 years of Toren blood sweat and tears put into this state. Might be farming, ranching, rodeo, carpentry, electric work, nursing, cosmetology, beer guys, city workers, radio announcer, you name it.  My family has contributed to this state and what makes it awesome.

You move to our state for the wide open spaces, scenery and outdoor activities. 

Awesome.  Respect the land and the land owner. That means ASKING PERMISSION to hunt, fish, hike or whatever it is you want to do on private land.  That means carrying OUT what you carried IN. Respect.

Living in Montana means respecting rules and families.  Not like this fool.

First, I'd like to let this gal know her butt doesn't look that good in this still. In fact, it's kind of gross.  Second, knock it off.  You're not on a hill at your grandpa's place in the middle of nowhere, put your pants on, there are kids skiing.

We have people moving here, buying land and homes, SIGHT UNSEEN, for horribly inflated prices.

When you, as someone just moving here, do that, you put us all in jeopardy.  You see, if you'd have done research other than watching Big Sky and Yellowstone, you'd see the average income for a Montanan is less than $30 thousand a year.  When you come into our town, buy a $150,000 house for $250,000, you're stopping US from buying property in our home state.  What was once affordable before the pandemic has been driven up by out of staters.  THEN to pour salt on the wound, you all decide to buy rental properties and charge Seattle or San Francisco prices.  Now, a 1 bedroom apartment is over $1,000 a month, where before YOU ALL, we could easily have lived there for $700 a month or less.  When your take home pay for what's considered a good job in Montana, right around $2,000-$3,000 a month, can't buy you a place to sleep.  Well, I'm sure you can see where we all start hating you. I am ABSOLUTELY convinced this is what's happening. Then, all the other landlords jump on the greedy bandwagon because Joe California is getting $2,500 a month each for his 2 bedroom duplex, no garage, no pets.

You complain, relentlessly

It's always something like the lack of choices whether it's where to eat, what events are going on, how the downtown or whatever sucks, THE WEATHER bla bla bla.  It makes me wanna slap a transplant.  I think my friend and coworker, Jalyn Keighley put it perfectly.

I don't care if you're new.  Do you fit in or are you trying to change everything?  Be respectful, don't bitch about the lack of choices compared to where you're from.

Face it, transplant, if things were so awesome where you're from you wouldn't be here.

And finally, this sentence:

"The xenophobia in this state is atrocious." I agree, however in Montana, if you're educated you're educated, and a ton of us are.  We don't need your doctoral thesis vocabulary on Reddit to figure it out.  Nick Northern says it best:

Look at you and your $5 word.

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