I Just Learned I Don't Like Driving Without A Seatbelt

The other day, I'm fastening my seatbelt, and I couldn't get it into the latch.  It was like I didn't quite get it into the slot.  So I pushed fairly hard, couldn't get it in, and wanted to look at the clicker thing.  So, I see that I somehow broke it being too brutal when I was trying to get buckled up.

Montana broken seatbelt

I Can't Believe I'm Saying This, I Miss My Seatbelt

It's honestly a bit scary.  It's finally been so ingrained into me that seat belts are important, that it's a bit scary driving without one.  I go into Taylor's Automax for a fix today, but I have to drive without a seatbelt until then. Man, I really hope they can fix this today.  It's giving me anxiety.

Back In The Day, I Wasn't Scared

I was thinking driving into work about how up until the late 90's/early 2,000's (not sure which), I thought I was the queen of driving safety because I would always wear a seatbelt whenever I was on the highway.  Keep in mind, at that time, I was the only one in my entire family that actually wore a seat belt at ANY time.  I didn't wear them in town because, "pishaw, we're in town. Nobody goes fast in town.  How hurt can you possibly get?" (I found out the answer to that in Billings in '91 when a guy T-Boned us, and my pelvis was knocked completely out of place, I got a concussion and back injury for life.  That's how hurt you can possibly get driving at 35 miles per hour in town.)

Car Wreck

My dad NEVER wore his seat belt, and he died in 2017.  He was one of those people that would latch it into the clicker before he got in so the car wouldn't ding, or he'd hold it over his chest when he thought a police officer might notice him.

Now Days, I Won't Even Drive My Car Until Everyone Is Buckled In

Oh my how times change.  If Daddy could only see me now.

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