This seems kind of rude and a dig at hygiene here in Montana, but some reason this website found statistics on discolored teeth in the nation and Montana seems to be in top ten, seventh in the nation to be exact. I came across a post on Reddit where someone shared this fact and I found the info kind of interesting.

In a recent study on states where people are most likely to have discolored teeth, Montana was 7th
by u/B0rtles in Montana

It seems as though this information is based state by state and how much "teeth staining" substances that people partake in. This also apparently gauges how many people within a state access or seek access to teeth whitening practices and agents.


Some substances that they track as far as teeth staining are coffee and tea, certain types of foods as well as cigarettes and alcohol. Evidence is based on coffee and teahouses per one-hundred thousand people as well as how many people are reported to be smoking.

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It seems like they pull information from Google trends as well as random surveys people take in the country, At least we can see that Google trends are responsible for seeing people search for "How To Whiten Teeth" in search bars across America.

I begin to wonder how successful whitening is with the top ten states and if it fluctuates from time to time. As a Montanan, I do get why our teeth can be discolored, we do love all of the factors that contribute to stained or discolored teeth.

We have the breakdown of the statistics from

Where in the U.S. Are People Most Likely to Have Discolored Teeth? - - Infographic

American Bar, Stockett, Montana

American Bar, Stockett, Montana

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