Rover has released the top 100 pet names of 2022.  Looking at the list, the girl names are outnumbering the boy names, making me wonder if this wasn't a year for female adoptions. You can see the whole list by clicking the above link.

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Before we get to the fun of seeing the most popular names of the year, here are some tips to make giving your new best friend a bit more painless.

The name you give your furry best friend isn't always easy to decide.  There are a lot of things to keep in mind, besides your friends personality.

 The Spruce Pets and Fatherly have some suggestions.

Choose a 2 syllable name with sharp sounding consonants.

It's also recommended to choose a name that ends with a vowel. The frequency of the word is easier for your dog to hear.

Try the name out for a couple of days.  See if it works for you and if your dog likes it and responds to it.

Try not to pick a complicated name like Mr. Digs for Bones, unless you plan on calling them a shorter version of the longer name.

Avoid naming them something gross or offensive.  Imagine having the vet call you and use your pet's name, or imagine the neighbors hearing you call them.

If you want to name them the same name as another human friend or family member, it's best to get their permission first.

Try not to choose a name that sounds too close to a command, like Bo.  It causes confusion and frustration for both of you.

Always do the nickname test before you make a final decision.  Too far away from the actual name can wind up confusing your dog.

Here are the top 15 dog names of 2022:

Top Dog Names 2022

Top Dog Names 2022

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