Anyone that reads my stuff, knows I love to "go vacation" online, I call it spectator vacationing.  When I stumbled across this spectacular Airbnb, I knew I had to write about it. This IS an Airbnb, but it is an Airbnb Lux, something I had never heard of until I found this.

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Before I show you this property, there are even MORE elite, luxurious Airbnbs to be seen, but they won't even show pictures of the property before you fill out paperwork.  So this, my peasant friends, is as good as it gets for us.

What Does It Cost

This luxury Airbnb in Whitefish will run you $10,080 A NIGHT.  

About The Property

This Whitefish, Montana Airbnb brags 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, one for each bedroom, sleeping 16.  If I were paying Ten grand a night for a house, I'd want my own bathroom, too.  I usually wouldn't post pictures of them all, but isn't it the point of spectator vacationing? What's the point of looking if you can't see it all.

Located in a gated community, your weekend get-away features an incredible kitchen with a breakfast nook, Pool table, grand piano, formal dining area and even a library and grand staircase and several seating areas.

The outside boasts an outdoor kitchen, unbelievable fire pit area, pizza oven, gas grill, fireplace, 3 car garage and most excellent view.

You Can Order Even More Amenities

Also available for an extra fee; having the home pre-stocked, housekeeping, cooks, drivers, wait staff, child care, nanny, butler, security, spa services and more.  Plus, each luxury Airbnb comes with a trip planner.

Daydream away, friends, here she is.

Luxury Whitefish Montana Airbnb

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