If we venture outside of Montana, a lot of people will guess we're from Big Sky Country because we have an accent.  We say creek instead of creek, bag instead of bag and roof instead of roof.  (Know how you know you're from here? You read those in our accent.) But what about spelling?

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What are Montanan's googling the most, to find out how it's spelled?

Nick answered that question in an article he published in June 2023. In 2023 it was the word probably. In 2017, it was the word beautiful. In 2018 AND 2019 we were spelling tomorrow all wrong. In 2022 we were googling how to spell the word experience.  As you can see, the words change a bit year after year. Maybe we look them up and get that word down, so another takes it's place.  Who knows.  It's a spelling mystery.

What Words Are Everyone Misspelling This Year?

Just Jared dug in to what Americans were googling this year to learn to spell.  The article they published is on the number of times a word is googled a month.  The more the word is googled across the United States, the higher it gets on the misspelled words list.

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When you think about how many google searches are being done on each of these 10 words it is a lot.  The 10th most misspelled word has 17,000 searches a day and by the time we get to the number one most misspelled has a massive 257,000 searches a day. Over 3 times the second most misspelled word.

Is your most misspelled word on the list?  Check it out below.   ⬇⬇⬇

Most Misspelled Words In America, 2023

Most Misspelled Words In America, 2023

Gallery Credit: Tammie Toren

Celebrity Names People Can't Seem to Spell Correctly

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The Most Misspelled Word In Every State

Google Trends reveals what people in each state searched for when searching "how do you spell..." Here are the most common spelling questions from every state. Source: Google Trends

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