This summer with all the heat and summer fun in Montana, the last thing on your mind is the dreaded mosquito and the itchy, annoying bites that come with them.

Inhabiting the same planet as you, you're not going to be rid of them ever, however there are ways to keep them at bay and avoid as many problems that come with bugs.

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Combat and Prevention starts at home.

Help with pesky mosquitos can start right and around your front door.

Standing Water

Water buckets, leaky hoses, toys, puddles, etc full of water are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitos. The CDC suggests that you turn over things containing water once a week to prevent gestation of more mosquitos.


Indoor Prevention

All bugs like to get inside the house through small cracks as well rips in windows doors. If you are fighting with mosquitos indoors make sure to check windows and screens for tears and/or malfunctions to keep those bugs out. CDC also says that if you have and are able to use air conditioning, go ahead and use it.


Lawn Maintenance

Mowing the lawn and keeping the tall weeds at bay are essential for pest prevention. Like stagnant water, tall weeds and grass are a perfect breeding ground and protection for a lot of bug species including mosquitos. Frequent cutting will prevent them from having a place to hide.


Hygiene, Clothing, and Repellent

Keeping your body protected is just as important as anything else on this list because if things like the above do not prevent mosquitos, being prepared on you own body will help a lot. The CDC explains that breathable long sleeve shirts and pants help with exposed skin surfaces. DEET as well as natural repellents like Eucalyptus will help with the mosquitos, they hate that stuff. Showers. Take showers after a long day outside CO2 is released when we sweat as well as bi-products from what we ingest and that is an attractant un-wanted bugs.


All this will hopefully help with discomfort and hopefully disease during the summer here in Montana. Without bugs bugging you, you'll have a fun summer.

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