People come to Montana all the time to either visit or move here to become apart of our state. While they are here, they become wise to all the wonders our state has to offer like The Sleeping Giant, the national parks, history, as well as the breath taking mountainous view we are known for.

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Is the best kept secret in Montana right in front of us in our pantries and the super markets?

What is it exactly?

Everyone from Montana sucks!
by u/1284X in Montana

This person is talking about Montana's own Alpine Touch.

According to the Reddit post, the only reason everyone in Montana suck is that this person new to Montana wasn't clued into the magic of "Montana's Special Spice". He walked by and smelled cooking that was coming from his neighbor's house and asked why everything smelled so good. His neighbor clued him in and he was amazed. That day Alpine Touch made a new fan.

In case you haven't heard of, or tasted Alpine touch, according to their website, the spice started in a grocery store in Whitefish, MT in the year 1947. A discharged Army veteran named Russell Street of Street's Grocery seasoned his beloved prime rib with a spice called Touch O' Magic. He decided to start bottling the spice after the store patrons requested to purchase the spice and take it home in paper bags. As popularity mounted, he changed the name to Alpine Touch

Since then, the recipe respectively changed hands and found it's current home in Choteau, MT.

If you are new to Montana and reading this, be sure to try "Montana's Special spice" and let us know what you think.

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