A Recall Has Been Issued For Intimidator and Mahindra branded utility vehicles (UTVs) in Montana

From the Consumer Product Safety Commission:

On April 11, 2024 Intimidator and Mahindra issued a recall for some of their branded utility vehicles.

What Models Are Being Recalled?

Models 750, 800, 1000, TGB, GC1K and electric utility vehicles both Intimidator and Mahindra brands.  To find out if your UTV is listed to recall, look on the front grill for the brand name, and on the rear-side panels for the model series.

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For Intimidator models, it will be serial numbers from 000000 to 014034.  On the Mahindra UTV's. look for serial numbers from 000000 to 010545.

Intimidator Recalls Intimidator and Mahindra Utility Vehicles Montana
Consumer Product Safety Commission//Canva
Intimidator Recalls Intimidator and Mahindra Utility Vehicles Montana
Consumer Product Safety Commission//Canva

Where Are The Serial Numbers Located?

You will find the serial number inside the glove box, the hood compartment and also below the driver's seat.

The recalled UTVs were manufactured between August 2013 and November 2023.

To see if your UTV is on the list, click here.

Why Are These UTV's Being Recalled?

The universal joint can break  and sever the brake line, causing a crash hazard.

How Many Accidents and Injuries Led To The Recall?

While, thankfully, no injuries have been reported, there have been 40 incidents reported.  Of those 40 reports, 12 involved a brake line impact.

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What Should You Do If You Own One Of These ATVs?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission urges you to stop using it until the vehicle is repaired. Owners can contact their Intimidator or Mahindra authorized dealer to schedule the free repair.

The national number for Intimidator is: 888-215-8121

For Mahindra models, log on to their website.

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