It was reported yesterday by Montana Public Radio that freshman Montana Senator Daniel Emrich (R-Great Falls) proposed the ban of teaching Scientific Theory in Montana's schools.

According to MTPR, this Senate Bill No. 235 would limit the science curriculum in all public school in the state of Montana. It was said that he wants to make sure that Montana students are taught scientific facts.

He states in his testimony:

"If we operate on the assumption that a theory is fact, unfortunately, it leads us to asking questions that may be potentially based on false assumptions."


There has been no immediate action on this bill thus far.

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Many have testified against this bill as it would severely limit teachings of valuable theories of germs, physics like gravity, astronomy, and biology which I believe is the main argument on account of state republicans are already on the war path to end gender affirming healthcare in the state of Montana.

Scientific Theory by definition according to Wikipedia, is an explanation of an aspect of the natural world and universe that has been repeatedly tested and corroborated in accordance with the scientific method, using accepted protocols of observation, measurement, and evaluation of results.

An example of how it works:


These theories are paramount to a continued fortified education for Montana generations for years to come and legislation of this manner would most defiantly set a precedent that would only block advances in education and growth in Montana.

Do you have thoughts about banning Scientific Theory in Montana schools?

Let us know on social media.

Better yet, you are able to contact Senator Daniel Emrich and give him your thoughts as well.


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