On March 28, JD reported on  Kalispell Senator Keith Regior (R) introducing bill SB 546.  You can read the story here:

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What Was In The Bill:

Reducing the number of customers for dispensaries, capping the THC in flower at 10%, capping edible potency at 5%, capping concentrates at 10%, lowering the amount for someone with a MEDICAL CARD to one ounce and limiting the amount of plants a person can legally grow to one.


Keep In Mind, 57% Of Montanans Voted For Recreational Marijuana... Twice

Still, there is a group of people in this state, that probably discuss this over some 100 proof Southern Comfort, that are trying to take away our right to recreate as we choose.

They're SO CONCERNED over what it will do to "the children".  (Insert world's most extreme eye roll here.) While they laugh over pictures of kids from the past chugging a beer in family pictures.  But I digress.


Did it pass?

From Helena Air, the bill failed to pass 6-4 and has been tabled.

Have We Heard The Last Of These Protectors Of The Youth And Monitors Of Marijuana?

According to High Times, probably not.  There has been testimony on two other bills the senate is considering.  One would would restrict how a marijuana shop can advertise.  The other wants warning labels on the Marijuana being sold in Montana.

Liquor Stores Can't Advertise

Honestly, I think the advertising thing is ok.  I know it sounds strange coming from someone working in radio.  However, I think pot should be handled the same way as alcohol.  One, it works to keep it out of the hands of children.  Two, it would hopefully shut up the extremists.


Warning Labels?

Sure, as long as they're the same as for alcohol.

What Can You Do?

First and foremost KNOW WHO YOU'RE VOTING FOR.  There is a group of people in this state that want YOU to live the life THEY choose for you.  (Could anything be more UNMontanan?)

Second:  Write, call, email or text your local Senators and Representatives.  Let them know your feelings and how you will vote when they run on the platform of running YOUR LIFE.

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