Hear Ye, Hear Ye, the 2023 Montana Renaissance Festival is coming June 3 and 4, 2023 in Red Lodge.


What Is A Renaissance Festival?

From Wikipedia, it's an outdoor gathering to recreate an historical setting, usually from the English Renaissance period.  Festivals feature costumed entertainers, musical and theatrical acts, fighting reenactments, hand-crafted items for sale and plenty of festival food.  Patrons of the festival are encouraged to don period clothing for the event, as well.

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Is It Family Friendly?

Yes.  Families are encouraged to attend.  The Montana Renaissance Festival in Red Lodge has family ticket packages for one or two days.  There are also single tickets available for one or two days.

I love how this event is family friendly and encourages role play.  Imagine the great memories (and fun pictures) you can make at this year's fair.  Getting dressed up and speaking like a lord or lady and such, it's sure to be something the kids will not soon forget.


Is There Food and Shopping?

There sure is.  As of writing, The Montana Renaissance Festival has well over one hundred vendors lined up for this weekend event.  You can shop for everything from magic staffs, trinkets, resin knives, and more art and hand crafted items to the more magical oracle readings and witchcraft supplies to face painting.

As far as food and drink, be ready for period foods like Royal Scottish Eggs and Meat Pies to Mead and Ale and everything in between.

How Do You Prepare For The Festival?

First, I'd get versed on how to speak "the native tongue" at the festival.  After the dressing up, that would be half the fun.

Logeth on to this website to get versed on your renaissance festival jargon, my lord.

What to wear and expect at the festival?  Tryeth this website for first time fair attendees.  There are plenty of tips to make your first fair a jolly good success.

Check Out Pictures From Last Year At The Festival

Whether it was the dress, the jousting, or even the sword swallowing, there was plenty to see this year at the 2022 Montana Renaissance Festival. Check out these awesome photos below!

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