As Montanans, we love a good set of tacos, a burrito, or just an all around Mexican-style restaurant. It has to come complete with the beans and rice, salsa, hot sauce and maybe even a nice cold beer to wash it all down.

It goes without saying that we all know when the place has rockin' food because we'll want it for breakfast lunch and dinner. It's even crazier when the nation recognizes that one of our restaurants in Montana ranks among the best in the country.

This restaurant is deemed by locals to be very authentic and very tasty, and in some cases the best they have ever had.

Customers on yelp have a lot to say about the food.

I love this place! I eat there quite a lot and I also take others there. Service is great, flavor of everything I have tried (most of the menu) is wonderful and it's not too expensive. It's that hole in the wall actual Mexican joint you've been looking for!

Patrons also are greeted warmly by the owners of this amazing establishment and treat their customers like family. Which in this state is always a good bet.

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I bet the anticipation is making you hungry...

Montana's best Mexican restaurant according to goes to...

Los Mayas Mexican Restaurant in Billings, MT

This authentic Tex-mex restaurant serves amazing food from owners Luis and Lucy Maya. They came here all the way from central Mexico to share their amazing recipes with Montana. Next time you happen to be in Billings, consider Los Mayas for lunch or dinner.

Top Ranked Montana Mexican Resturant

A fine Mexican restaurant in the heart of Billings, Montana.
Open six days a week.

Los Mayas Mexican Restaurant
1212 Grand Ave
Ste 12
Billings, MT 59102

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