Huckleberries.  Both man and beast will hunt for hours to score a pint of these sweet little treats.


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Myself, I'm absolutely crazy about Huckleberries.  They're a bit pricey if you buy them by the pint or gallon. Picking them with friends and family?  A tasty adventure that just may become a family tradition.

What Is A Huckleberry

From The dark-blue or black edible berry of any of various shrubs belonging to the genus Gaylussacia of the heath family.


Where Can You Find Huckleberries?

Everyday Wanderer had the best explanation:

Along mountain slopes, in forests, and around lake basins between 2,000 and 11,000 feet above sea level.  One of the best places to pick fresh huckleberries is near Glacier National Park.

What Time Of The Year Are Huckleberries Ripe?

July and August are prime huckleberry picking months.

Do I Need A Permit To Harvest Huckleberries? has a link to get a free, one-day pass to pick up to a pint of huckleberries in a day.  Print the permit, keep it with you, and log how much you picked that day.

Keep in mind, if you're picking the berries with a free permit, you are NOT allowed to sell them.  

What Tools Do I Need To Pick Huckleberries?

  • Very basic things can help make your berry picking a huge success.  When we did it, we usually had a small bucket attached to a short rope we put around our necks.  That leaves both hands free for picking.  Any similarly rigged device you come up with should do the trick.
  • A cushion to sit on when you find a good patch that's ripe for the picking
  • Gloves.  If you would rather not wear gloves, be prepared for stained hands.  There are rakes you can use, but we never did.  If not practiced with the rake, you can really damage the bush and leave a lot of the harvest behind.
  • BEAR SPRAY and/or a gun.  Bears also LOVE THEM some huckleberries.

What Can I Make With Huckleberries?

Anything you make that contains any other kind of fruit or berry, especially blueberries, will come out delicious when huckleberries are used.

Where's Your Favorite Spot To Pick Huckleberries?

In Montana, this question is akin to "Where's your favorite fishing hole?".  I've given you all the information allowed by Montana law for a life-long Montanan. ;)  This favorite spot you speak of is something you need to find on your own.

Best of luck on your huckleberry hunt this summer.

Check Out The Huckleberry Festival

Every year the tiny town of Trout Creek, Montana, with a population of less than 300, becomes the epicenter of all things huckleberry.

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