Montana Farmers Union’s annual convention is October 14th and 15th.   MFU President Walter Schweitzer talked to KMON about the convention and told us there is something new this year.

Walter: Well, first off the real big news is that this is the first convention Montana Farmers Union has held out of out of the town of Great Falls in decades. And it's going to be new and different for our staff, for our members to actually meet in another community at their hotel.

The convention is filled with tours, meetings and educational opportunities from producers and industry experts.

  • To see the entire schedule go here.

Walter: Mike Dennison reporter is going to be our keynote speaker Friday. And we're going to have the lucky Valentine's play music and, and our Arrowpeak camp kids are going to teach us how to dance, which is going to be kind of fun.

Saturday will be another full day with the entire schedule here.  Walter also told KMON that he has special guests lined up for Saturday night.

Walter: Saturday evening, we've invited the congressional candidates from both the east district and the west district to speak to our group and to answer some questions that will be agricultural and rural Montana focused. I'm looking forward to it. I think it's gonna be fun. It's a jam packed for two days.

To learn more about Montana Framers Union go to MFU 

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