The Last Total Eclipse For America Until 2044 Happened April 8, 2024

For months, heck, years leading up to the eclipse, Americans were told to wear protective eye covering.  There were countless news stories and articles on how and where to buy proper protective eye wear, and how to DIY eclipse viewers.  There is no reason in the world to look up at an eclipse without protective eye wear.

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After The Eclipse, The Google Searches Started

One of my favorite places on the internet, IFLScience reports that soon after the eclipse was viewable around America, google saw a spike in a certain type of search.  That search, "My eyes hurt".  It wasn't just a coincidence either.  The searches can be tracked by time and match the eclipse in each region, and some of them were searched more like this, "Eyes hurt after looking at the eclipse", " My eyes hurt after looking at the eclipse", and "Why do my eyes hurt after looking at the eclipse".


There's No Way That's True, Right?

No.  Sadly, I looked it up.  It's true. As depressing as it is to know that there are a bucket full of Americans who believed that the rapture would happen during the eclipse but didn't believe that if you look directly at the sun it will burn out your retina and could cause permanent damage, I want you to know there is good news mixed in with all of this.

Solar Eclipse

Montanans Aren't Quite That Ignorant

Out of around a million of us, I'm happy to report that Montana had the second lowest number of "My eyes hurt after staring directly into the Sun" google searches in America at just 13.  The only state with a lower number was Hawaii at 12.  So we got that going for us here in Big Sky Country.

Here's a very safe way to view the eclipse, no glasses needed ⤵⤵⤵

Solar Eclipse 2024

Gallery Credit: Randy Kirby

Photos of the April 8, 2024 Eclipse from Southwest Harbor

Thanks to Jonathan Hagerthy who took these photos from outside the Southwest Foodmart in Southwest Harbor!

Gallery Credit: Chris Popper

Stunning Photos of Total Solar Eclipse in Central New York

Check out some of the best shots during total solar eclipse 2024 in Central New York.

Gallery Credit: Credit - Polly McAdams

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