Montana has concealed and constitutional carry laws in place for it's citizens with exceptions to carrying in certain places like schools, government building, etc.

However, seeing a post on Reddit earlier, someone brought up the matter of private businesses and whether or not they permit concealed carry within the confines of their privately owned establishment.

Stores posting no concealed weapons allowed
by u/LocalBrownCow in Montana

It seems as though some people including this Reddit poster is encouraging to ignore posted signs prohibiting concealed carry in stores, saying that these postings are unlawful and to just "carry carry carry" and the sign is "unlawful".

Well, people that have that mentality have a rude awakening coming.


Let's look at the law and break it down.

In Montana, carry laws are there to protect the citizen. However there are stipulations and exceptions to continue to operate and carry firearms legally, and disobeying laws can only put you on the road to a felony, fines and maybe jail time if the infraction is severe enough.

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According to Montana code 45-8-356

This stipulates where you can, and can't conceal carry:

A person with a current and valid permit issued pursuant to 45-8-321 or recognized pursuant to 45-8-329 may not be prohibited or restricted from exercising that permit anywhere in the state, except:

(1) in a correctional, detention, or treatment facility operated by or contracted with the department of corrections or a secure treatment facility operated by the department of public health and human services;

(2) in a detention facility or secure area of a law enforcement facility owned and operated by a city or county;

(3) at or beyond a security screening checkpoint regulated by the transportation security administration in a publicly owned, commercial airport;

(4) in a building owned and occupied by the United States;

(5) on a military reservation owned and managed by the United States


(7) within a courtroom or an area of a courthouse in use by court personnel pursuant to an order of a justice of the peace or judge; or

(8) in a school building as determined by a school board pursuant to 45-8-361.

Number 6 is where we get into determining whether one can ignore postings from private businesses.

(6) on private property where the owner of the property or the person who possesses or is in control of the property, including a tenant or lessee of the property, expressly prohibits firearms

This states that a private business  CAN  in fact legally enforce a no conceal carry rule.

There is nothing wrong with protecting yourself or your family in Montana or anywhere permitting concealed carry.

Just know your laws before you argue with private business owner or even worse, a law enforcement officer or a judge.

It can prevent a heap of trouble for everyone.

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