Montana Has Some Of The Best Lakes In The United States

All over the state of Montana, you can recreate at some of the largest, cleanest and most beautiful lakes in America.

But which ones have the best beach?

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The Top Ten Best Lake Beaches In Montana

The Travel did an article on their favorite lake beaches in the Treasure State.  I thought it was pretty spot on, and even introduced me to a couple of lakes I haven't heard of.  Just when you think you know it all about your state, right?

#10: Lake McDonald Beach, West Glacier

Lake McDonald Beach, West Glacier, Montana

I've been to this lake a thousand times if I've been there once.  You won't find a prettier lake in the state, no matter how hard you try, and it seems to go on forever.  You also won't find any sand. This beach is made from pebbles from the surrounding glaciers.

#9: Avalanche Beach, West Glacier

Avalanche Beach, West Glacier, Montana

I'd like to say I know this beach like I know a lot of the lake beaches in Glacier National Park, but I don't.  It's said to be icy cold, but crystal blue.  An amazing place to spend a Montana afternoon.

#8: Mystic Lake Beach, Fishtail

Mystic Lake Fishtail Montana

Yet another Montana lake that's new to me.  I'm guessing I don't know this lake because it's a 3 mile hike to get to it  in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.  Not known for swimming because it's too high in the mountains and very cold year round.  It does have a trout hatchery.

#7: City Beach, Whitefish

City Beach Whitefish, Montana
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This beautiful beach is on the southern shore of Whitefish Lake and a great place to spend long summer days swimming, kayaking, paddling, and boating in Montana.

#6: Canyon Ferry State Park, Helena

Canyon Ferry State Park, Helena, Montana

Canyon Ferry Lake is on the Missouri River and offers a lot of recreation like swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, camping and fishing.

#5: Wayfarers/Flathead Lake State Park, Bigfork

Wayfarers / Flathead Lake State Park, Bigfork, Montana

It's one of the biggest natural lakes in Montana known for great swimming.

#4: Brush Lake State Park Beach, Dagmar

Brush Lake State Park Beach - Dagmar, Montana

This lake offers a beautiful white sandy beach with gorgeous grassy fields.  However, the water is not suitable for fish, so not really a place to go for fishing.

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#3: Black Sandy State Park Beach, Helena

Black Sandy State Park Beach Helena, Montana


This is a great beach on Hauser Reservoir and is known for fishing, boating and water skiing.

#2: Bozeman Beach, Bozeman

Bozeman Beach, Bozeman, Montana

A hot spot in the summer, Bozeman Beach is known for volleyball courts, climbing rock, a playground, fishing, diving, and picnic shelters.

#1: Boettcher Park Beach, Polson

Boettcher Park Beach, Polson, Montana

It's easy to see why The Travel chose this Polson beach as the best in the state. Along with regular lake fun, it's nestled close to a golf course and also features a playground, picnic area and an on-site cafe.

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