Weather can wreak havoc on your windshield in Montana

If you don't have a carport or garage in Montana, cleaning off your windshield is a part of your morning routine in the winter. Everyone has a favorite trick they like to share with everyone to keep their windshield clean, or to clean their windshield quickly.  In December, Nick Northern shared a windshield hack that I'm determined to try.  Find out about that hack here.

The Worst Advice I've Ever Seen:

"Pour boiling water on your frozen windshield to get rid of ice and snow."



I'm simply stunned that people think this is a good idea.  It's a good idea if you want to crack your windshield, and that's about it.  Never ever do this.

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A New Use For Pickle Juice

If you have pickle juice in your jar (that's rare for my house.  We're pj drinkers), the brine can be a lifesaver in the winter.  The New York Post reports:

Carver County in snow-laden Minnesota has even experimented with putting pickle juice extract on roadways for its efficiency.

In Missouri, a similar test had been done by adding salt water to beet juice to melt away road ice.

The state Department of Transportation even boasted online that “when mixed with salt brine, beet juice helps the salt brine work at lower temperatures to treat icy or snow-packed surfaces.”

Evidently, this pickle juice thing is tried and true.

a frozen windshield on a yellow car with a cartoon pickle wearing sunglasses and a glass of pickle juice
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If you can't part with your pickle juice, you can try this hack: mix hot water with dish soap and rubbing alcohol for icy walkways.  Some swear by it, some said it froze over quickly.  I hesitate to add any water to an already icy situation.

If you ever try this pickle juice thing, hit us up here.

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