We've ALL been there at one time or another, somehow, a policeman is talking to you about something you've done.  Maybe you're a bit too excited at a bar, maybe you got pulled over for one reason or another.  The frustration is building, and you'd like nothing more than to give that policeman the finger.  Can you LEGALLY do that in Montana?

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There's that fine line, what you should do and what you could do

This is where you have to make the decision.  It is TOTALLY within your rights to flip off a policeman.  I bet it would feel really good, right?  Look, you've been waiting for a couple of weeks to get that tail light fixed but the part is backordered.  It's not like YOU'RE the one who isn't taking action, and this is now a ticket because you've been pulled over for it twice.

Here's where what you SHOULD do comes in

There is such a thing as charges for disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct.  While generally to get one of these charges you have to go way further than flipping a policeman the bird, it doesn't mean that wouldn't happen to you.

I guess if you're just itching to give a policeman the finger, you need to consider the mood of the policeman, and the original reason that policeman is talking to you in the first place and how much time you've got to explain that you were just exercising your rights to free speech, after all, "Excuse me, I thought this was America".

The real question:  IS IT WORTH IT?

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