Sometimes your invited to something and your right in the middle doing something. Sometimes your busy with work, chores or something legitimate.

Other times you're busy living your life in your own little corner of the universe not being disturbed from what ever makes you happy, and the inevitable happens...

The phone rings or a message comes through and someone expects you to leave your hobbit hole to face the sun and *shutters* people.

Reddit always has a myriad of questions wanting to know peoples thoughts are all types of matters. Today people were asking what their least favorite social gathering is, the comments carry pretty much everything you can think of and more.

Mandatory Work Events/Parties


The only place where one is ordered to have fun like your livelihood depends on it. Literally. I'm okay with the occasional Christmas or birthday party. However, to be surprised after lunch with a cake party when there's work to be done, and all the party banter is about work anyway. It might be better to just take the cake back to your desk.



Unless your having a wake for someone you care about or an actual family member, people sometimes have a hard time with the energy at a funeral. It's something I understand.

Family Reunions


Going to a place where you meet some of your extended family for the first time can be hard and daunting to think about if one doesn't deal very well with strangers. Especially if you have a very big family. I remember as a kid meeting a grip of people at a family reunion. I couldn't remember all their names and they all wanted hugs. I guess looking back I understand, but at the time it was all a little too much.

Formal Dinner Parties


This is a type of event where you have to put forth some effort, like putting on pants and a nice shirt, gross. After all that you have to find a decent, but not too expensive bottle of wine to bring and one isn't even sure if you know the people throwing the party. Also, who needs to be confused on which fork to use while eating cocktail weenies? Maybe just stay home and watch Grey's Anatomy.

Are there functions that you prefer not to go?

Let us know on social media.

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