Now that we have sprung forward for the year, the next big event is now underway; it's time for spring cleaning!  Time to drag out all of the stuff that has been packed away over the last year that you promised your significant other you would get to before the snow was set to fly.  Did you get it done?  Probably not!  But that is what spring cleaning is for!

Old Tricks, New Tricks - How Do We Get the Stuff Clean?

As spring gets going, we often turn our tasks to that of cleaning up areas that get neglected over the year, or even years.  However, the cleaners that are offered to us may contain harsh chemicals that aren't good for us or our pets!  There are some hacks that are offered through the net, including different ways to use lemons, making your own bathroom cleaner, or different types of cloths that offer better cleaning.  But what about this hack with beer?  Does it really work?

So What Is It That Beer Can Help Me with For Spring?

When it comes to beer, it appears that it can do more than just make you invincible or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Cleaning services across the web are offering up what they think beer is best for, and it isn't drinking.  Fantastic Services says beer can be used to clean homes!  Beer is apparently good for removing coffee stains, polishing your furniture, polishing copper pots, removing those nasty brown spots in your lawn and even used to keep insect out of gardens!  What odd jobs are you making your favorite beer do?  Hit us up in the comments or email me here and let me know!

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