There's a magnificent tweet making the rounds on social media of a doggie in the Town of Collierville, Tennessee.

This fella has a remarkable resemblance to Ant-Man actor and all around nice-guy Paul Rudd. The local shelter nicknamed him Paul Ruff.

There was news that the shelter wanted Paul Rudd to adopt the handsome dog, turns out a local family had adopted him first and welcomed Pawl Ruff to his forever home. However, they are now asking the Ant-man star to come meet the celebrity look-a-like dog in person. Knowing Paul Rudd's modus operandi, we just might see this in the coming months.

This Australian Shepard made local news in the paper recently, the city's twitter page shows a video of the famous do giving what they call a 'pawtograph' next to the front page headline reading "Doggie Double". 

With all that lovely news, I decided to check the local adoption hub see if some canines ready for adoption in Great Falls look like our local celebrity disc jockeys here at the Central Montana Radio Network.

Most of us here at the Station have little fury friends of our own, so this comparison of canine to Disc Jockey is very apropo and down below for you to enjoy.

All the animals below and more are currently in need of a home in Great Falls. You can contact the Maclean-Cameron Animal Adoption center by phone at 406-727-7387. They can also be reached online at

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These Cute dogs look like our local DJ's

These dogs up for adoption at the Maclean-Cameron Animal Adoption Center resemble our cool disc jockeys at The Central Montana Radio Network



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