I'm a sucker for a tourist trap.  I'll admit that I love stopping at someplace that is obviously a tourist trap or looks shady or professes to be "one-of-a-kind" even if it's just to have something to talk about the rest of the trip.

What is Said to be the Biggest Tourist Trap in Montana, According to Best Life?

Google Maps//Canva
Google Maps//Canva

I was just there last spring, it's 50,000 Silver Dollar in Haugan, Montana. From their website:

The 50,000 Silver Dollar is conveniently accessible just off I-90, with ample parking space. We feature the state's largest gift shop, a family style restaurant, two bars, two casinos, a gas station, and a convenience store.

...not too far from Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks. So if you find yourself traveling through beautiful western Montana, the 50,000 Silver Dollar is a great place to find unique souvenirs, a cold drink, a bite to eat, and a friendly face.

It's also right in the middle of nothing, so it's a fun bathroom stop as well as gas station and restaurant.  They also have a very touristy gift shop.

Me?  I stop there every single time I am going somewhere that has me driving past it.  Do I buy something every time?  No.  No I do not.  But I stop because it's fun.  It's fun to see all the different people and license plates there. It's fun to tell my kids how my parents always stopped there. Its fun to make note of the changes through the years.  It's good to get out and stretch a bit, because there's still plenty of road to drive before I get home.

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