The beer game in America has climbed significantly with micro-brewing in the last twenty or thirty years. Everywhere you go, there are what seems to be a million different choices one can pick from with all different flavor profiles one can wrap their brain around.

That includes Montana, some of the best micro-brews circulated around the country that everyone enjoys come from our beautiful state.

According to Wine Pair, 331 million Americans consume a staggering amount of beer, to the tune of 6.4 billion gallons of beer each year, that's significantly more than any other type of alcoholic drink offer at when someone bellies up to the bar. More than wine or hard alcohol.

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Wine Pair sought out to find what beer is top rated in each state as well as Washington DC. According to their findings, IPA still holds the crown as the most popular type of beer that states produce and these were take from Beer Advocates Top rated beers in the whole world.

So, Montana HAS to have a delicious beer creation on that list, doesn't it?

Yes, of course!

Wine Pair has named the beer from Montana that is statistically the most popular amongst it's sippers.

According to their map, It's Ivan The Terrible.

It's a wonderful limited offering from Big Sky Brewery in Beautiful Missoula, Montana.

Ivan the Terrible is a limited release Russian Imperial Stout Beer, which means that it hits the shelves at certain times of the year if at all anymore. Now is about the right time of year for it. So if you see it, scoop it up and try it.

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