We all have that point during dinner or a snack where your furry friend walks by with those cute eyes and begs you for a bite of your delicious meal.

A lot of people rather not have their animals beg for food because it sets a bad example to you pet that they can constantly beg for food, or not wanting to deal with a pet with an upset stomach.

In our house we gave in and shared food with our little pup, but we did some research on what "people food" is good enough for dogs to eat because there are certain things pets should stay away from eating like olives, grapes, onions, corn and certain spices.

We got a lot of info on Pet MD on whether to give veggies as treats, or adding them to a daily diet.

All treats, even veggies, should be given in moderation. The total amount of treats should only make up 10% of your dog’s overall diet.

A few months ago, as a family, we started making better choices in our food intake starting with more whole foods, fruits and vegetables during meals and snacks.

My wife likes to make mini-plates of food for dinner so the pup can eat a little bit of what we are having and we knew we had to be careful on what we gave her.

It turns Penelope likes all sorts of different fruits and veggies like we do. It started with blueberries after we saw a cute dog eat blueberries on social media. After that, we went to different types of melons taking the seeds out of some and trying that out.

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So far, Penelope's favorites are carrots, cucumbers, and cantaloupe.

What fruits and veggies does your dog like to eat?

We have my dog's favorites and more are in the gallery below.

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Healthy snacks you can munch with your pup.



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