With Montana camping season upon us, and many of us counting on an RV, camper, car or SUV as a home away from home, the question comes up, is it legal to sleep in your vehicle?


The Answer Is Yes And No

Yes, it's lawful to sleep in your vehicle in Montana.

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No, you can't just park and sleep wherever you want.

Where Is It Legal?

A lot of sleeping overnight in your rig in Montana hinges on getting permission from the owner of the property.

Business That Generally Will Allow An Overnight Stay

Walmart.  You do need to get permission from the store, but Walmart seems very vehicle camping friendly.

Some Truck Stops.  According to Dubslabs, there are a good number of truck stops that have designated areas for overnights, you just need to get permission.

Private Property.  Again, you must have permission from the owner of the property.  Many towns have a 48 hour vehicle parking rule, or something similar, so it's best to get to know the local laws before you make yourself at home.

Montana Rest Area.  While you're allowed to park and sleep, it is NOT allowed to set up camp or stay for more than one night.  You are only allowed to recreate in your vehicle while at the rest area.

Campgrounds.  This is the only option that will come with a fee for sure, but a campground can offer safety as well as other amenities like showers and still be cheaper than a hotel.


There Is One Thing You Can't Do Sleeping In Your Rig

Do not partake in alcohol or marijuana in your car.  Even if you're parked for the night.  That is a DUI just waiting to happen.

Basically, if you want to use your car to sleep, it's perfectly legal as long as you have permission and are mindful of your own safety.

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